Booklet & Peel‑Off



Multi-layered booklet and peel-off labels are a practical solution when small products need to include: user manuals, instructions, recipes, rules of competitions and promotions or texts in different language versions. According to FDA regulations, the adhesive used by KDS can react to dry food. It is also used for labeling blood bags. Perfect for small cylindrical surfaces. Labels may have information in the Braille Alphabet (in accordance with EU Directive 2004/27 / EC and PN-EN 15823: 2010).


It consists of two parts: flexographic back cover made of foil and an offset paper insert. The number of insert pages and the method of folding is arbitrary. The principal advantage of a multi-page label is the ability to place a lot of information on a small space. Such labels are ideal for pharmaceutical, industrial chemical and food industries as well as promotions and competitions.

On the booklet can be placed:

  • user manuals
  • information about products
  • rules of competitions and promotions
  • texts in different languages
  • recipes


Foil self-adhesive label consisting of 2 (duplex) or 3 (triplex) layers. The main advantage is the possibility to print on the adhesive side, which significantly increases the amount of space. Peel-off does not differ visually from the standard label, it is only slightly thicker.

On the peel-off label can be placed:

  • information about products
  • rules of competitions and promotions
  • texts in different languages
  • recipes


Sandwich are stickers on double layers of silicone which can be first affixed to a substrate and then partially or wholly transferred to a different surface. The proper label is the face, the middle layer with acrylic adhesive is the release layer, which can be transferred further; after transfer, the non-adhesive bottom layer remains on the upper part. Sandwich labels are frequently used by couriers, at warehouses, in administration, offices, postal and advertising services, hospitals (to identify test tubes and blood transport bags) and in telecommunications (SIM card numbers).


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