Made of medium-thick card with perforation to facilitate tearing off, with the option of cutting non-standard shapes and holes for hanging on the product. The tag can be freely printed on both sides, with added transparent laminate to emphasise and enhance colour. An empty space can be left in the bar code location, to be printed separately with a label printer, using thermal transfer ribbon.


A tiny self-adhesive label made of thermal transfer paper or thermal paper, in any shape, with full print option. It can accommodate basic information printed in small black letters, and additional text is inserted manually. A label can also be printed on a thermal and thermal transfer printer and then affixed to the product. Adhesive used to manufacture such labels is specially selected not to leave traces on the products. Despite their small sizes, all labels are legible and they perfectly match tiny jewellery products.


A special type of tag, developed for airlines and the hotel industry, also used by national and international carriers, for identifying travellers’ luggage. KDS produces such tags on medium-thick card, with one- or two-sided printing options in one or more colours. A luggage ticket can be cut to any shape, with a hole and perforation to facilitate tearing off. In addition, such tickets are fit for further printing with a label printer and a black thermal transfer ribbon.


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